The Detroit Concours is committed to working with independent reporters, columnists, journalists, bloggers, photographers and the emerging social media sector. We strive to work with the best and with those who are capable of reaching wide audiences. We value individuals who have worked with us in the past or who have professional experience. Outlets/individuals must have a proven history, demonstrate professional standards and regularly produce original and quality content that can reach targeted audiences.


Media credentials must be applied for and will be issued in the applicant’s name. A photo ID will be required upon arrival. Online applications are due by August 31, 2022. Each application is thoughtfully considered and, if necessary, we will reach out for further discussion and clarification before a final decision is made.


The approval of media credentials depends on several factors:

  • Previous relevant experience
  • Examples of published work
  • A commitment to covering the entire event as opposed to a single car. Exceptions will be made in special circumstances at our discretion.
  • A letter of assignment. The letter must be on company letterhead or sent from a verified company email address. Correspondence should state the name(s) of those covering The Detroit Concours and their specific duties and/or titles (writers/photographers/videographers, etc.).
  • While our decision is never based simply numbers, we welcome applicants to submit monthly visitor traffic data or number of social media followers.
  • A Media Credential Request Form must be submitted for each representative from your media organization and not organizations as a whole.
  • If you are a freelance writer or photographer you must also send a Certificate of Insurance (contact cbrewer@hagerty.com with questions/further clarification).

If Applicable: Please send previous event coverage, letter of assignment and/or certificate of insurance to cbrewer@hagerty.com

Media Room Access

  • The Media Room is exclusively for those with media credentials as well as invited Hagerty guests and staff.
  • The Detroit Concours has the right to reserve seating for deadline media and any other approved requests.
  • The Media Room is equipped with internet access and charging stations for phones, laptops and other equipment.


You will be notified by September 1, 2022 confirming or denying your request.

If your credential request is approved, a photo ID will be required for credential pick up.

Drones and UAS are prohibited.

Credentials are not transferable and may be revoked at any time. 


Questions? Contact Chris Brewer, Director of Event Communications, at cbrewer@hagerty.com.

Media Credential Request Form

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